Get Involved

Getting Involved:
All Christians need to be Christians of action. Becoming God's hope and joy means going out to change the world, beginning with ourselves. We believe this and make sure we are doing things that need to be done.

Become a Christian of Action
There are many committees at First Pres that are looking for someone just like you: someone who has the exact gifts you have, someone who has your passion and your drive. Maybe you are interested in coming up with plans to help the Albany community; we have a committee that needs you. Maybe you feel God has called you to help lead the people in worship; we have a committee that needs you. Maybe you want to come up with ways that people can grow in relationship together, or help others learn more about Jesus, or help make the place look beautiful, or work with youth and children, or... whatever gift you have we have something for you to use that gift for the glory of God! Come check us out and see where you fit in; see where you become a Christian of action!

First Connections
The best way to know more is to join one of our First Connections class. It is a five-week class offered two times during the year. Here you will learn what we believe and how you can get involved! Come meet new members like yourself and embark on this journey together. At First Pres, you are never alone!

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